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400 New Video Performances in 2015
I will record and perform a cover or original of your choice

I'm very excited to release my new project adventure for 2015!!! It's called 400 For 40, a fundraiser campaign that will work in conjunction with my Thousand Mile Tour documentary project, where I go out on the road full time to travel the country as a street performer, seeking out new opportunities and raising money for my next CD. 400 For 40 is a fundraiser tactic where I've set a goal of making 400 new video performances to upload to my YouTube channel. For every $40 and up donation I will perform and record a cover or original song of YOUR CHOICE. There will be a gradual reward system to this fundraiser that will advance from covering a song and dedicating it to you, having your name written in my album artwork credits, live stream private shows just for you, then working up to free concert tickets, CD's and merchandise FOR LIFE! The more you invest, the more reward options you receive (see below). All donations will be used to help fund my next EP (CD) as well as helping me with my expenses for my documentary tour.

I'm currently at a crossroads in my career where I realize that I need a lot more marketing and support to become well known in the music industry, which is my overall goal. I have put multiple attempts into recording new material and marketing my music, though most of my trying falls short due to not having enough funding. My goal for 2015 is to record and release three new project CD's (#1: COLEY, my main focus. #2: Six Seven, my hard rock project. #3: Rae, my folk/songwriter project), as well as continue traveling the country to spread my music. 




Quality studio time for a fully produced EP or album isn't cheap by any means. Without a record label or private investor backing you, a quality, industry standard recording is hard to come by, especially when you're already struggling to survive and pay your own bills lol. I need roughly $17,000-20,000 to complete these projects and to do some marketing for each one. Thinking long and hard on how I could possibly raise enough to fund these projects, I've discovered #1: That my only hope in actually reaching my goals in music is to rely on you, THE PEOPLE, my fans, my friends and my family for help me get there. #2 To do so in a way that challenges my imagination and creativity, benefits you and also works to elevate my music at the same time. 

I'm constantly getting feedback from others on what songs they'd like to hear me cover. This is where the idea for the 400 For 40 fundraiser campaign began. Instead of holding a typical, one way campaign, where you donate and I just give my thanks, I can break outside the box and offer you something in return for your much needed support, as well as embrace a strategy that will showcase my musical diversify and vocal capability. So without further a-due, I present to you the 400 For 40 Fundraiser Campaign. Let the fun and madness begin!!!

$12 - CD

Clay Coley's album "From: The Beginning, To: Now" (16 songs)
$15 - COLEY T-Shirt

"From: The Beginning, To: Now." Black S, M, L, XL, 2XL
$40 - YouTube Cover or Original of Your Choice

Song of your choice AND 4 of my CD's signed and mailed to you! Request a song you'd like to hear me perform (Include artist, song name and your name). The video will be dedicated to you in the video description text.
$60 - YouTube Cover or Original SHOUT OUT

YouTube cover or original video of your choice with a verbal shout out of your name or whoever's name you wish included in the actual performance PLUS one COLEY t-shirt (black) and 6 of my signed CD's mailed to you. Request a song you'd like to hear me perform. (Include artist, song name, your name or persons name you want to dedicate it to).
$100 - Die Hard Fan Special 

Custom dedication YouTube cover or original video of your choice on a much more personal level. This is like an eCard except it'll be ME reaching out to help you make someone feel special. I will offer up to 30 seconds of personal dedication footage (discussed and prepared by you and I in advance) plus a performance of a cover or original song by your request all in one take. This allows us to create a one of a kind video in much more detail. No matter what occasion it falls under this is a very unique option for any of you die hard fans out there who want to invest in my music and make someone you care for feel very special at the same time. You will also receive 2 COLEY t-shirts (black) and 10 of my signed CD's mailed to you. 
$500 - Live Online Private Performance
You will receive any of the previous reward options (multiple song requests or dedication videos or both), your name in my album artwork credits PLUS a private online performance of your choosing. I will live stream an entire performance set (one hour +) upon your request. Invite some friends and family over. Turn on your webcam and link up for your own custom, private show. You choose the songs (covers or original). You get to keep the footage. You will also receive up to 5 COLEY t-shirts (black) and 10 of my CD's signed and mailed to you. (I can also show you how to hook your live feed into your television for larger viewing quality)
$3,000 - Platinum VIP
VIP CONCERT TICKETS, CD's & MERCH FOR LIFE - You will receive any of the previous reward options plus FREE CONCERT TICKETS to my future shows AND CD's & MERCHANDISE FOR LIFE!!!! 

This may not seem like a huge investment to those who have it to give, but to me, it means the world for someone to invest a dollar amount like this into my music success. In saying that, I will guarantee (in legal writing) you two free VIP concert tickets to any of my future shows, two CD's and two pieces of merchandise at these shows FOR LIFE!!! No matter my success, no matter what show, this offer/agreement (contract) will forever remain active. You will also receive up to 10 COLEY t-shirts (black) and 20 of my CD's signed and mailed to you. (If material is released and you can't make it to a specific show but want new releases of my CD's or merch, I will automatically contact you and offer to mail them to you)




1.) Firstly, I am honored and grateful that you are making a donation towards my music. Also that you're interested in hearing my take on a song you like. But there are going to be a few limitations regarding some song requests and they are as follows: 1.) All songs must be able to be performed on an acoustic guitar, which is how I will approach most requests. This will exclude most death metal, hard core punk rock and music in general that wasn't meant to be performed acoustically. Not that I don't like that type of music, because I do!��

2.) Song requests must be able to represent me as an artist. I LOVE many different kinds of music, but I will not be covering music that makes me uncomfortable to play. (ex: kiddy pop songs, Hannah Montana, Dora The Explorer theme song or anything of that nature lol). I will also be excluding most music that is super vulgar/profane, lyrically violent or degrading to women. All I gotta say is, "mama didn't raise no fool" �� (Note: I'm a very open minded artist, so if you have a request that might have questionable lyrics it's not gonna hurt to ask me. Feel free to contact me through email or my social media pages to discuss any ideas or interests.) Also, I will gladly sing you or anyone happy birthday instead of a cover request, but it will be sent under a private link and will not be available publicly on my YouTube channel. To have a "personally dedicated video PLUS a cover song request please see the "dedication video" option."

3.) Lastly, if you donate and submit a cover song request and I reply, politely asking to change it to something different, please be easy going and don't make an argument out of it. If I have an issue with a certain song it's usually for a good reason. Also, just like you and everyone else, sometimes we simply won't like a certain song. I really like most music, so I don't imagine that this will happen very often but if for some reason it does, please be prepared to negotiate and to pick out a different song. 

With these terms and conditions given as a guideline, I genuinely look forward to your many requests and challenges in this promotional fundraiser campaign tour. I'm very excited to flood my YouTube channel with new material as well as demonstrating my musical diversity through covering other artists that I typically wouldn't think to cover. Let the games begin haha!!! 

If you have any questions or want to pre-request a song or communicate any ideas feel free to message me via Facebook or email at  

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